10 Questions with KAMATFE

KAMATFE, standing for Kill All Men And Their Fucking Egos was a project that swiftly took my interest. After checking out the songs and finding a live video from the net I was lucky enough to fire ten questions to Jasmine the band’s founder.

So I asked and she answered

“Kill All Men And Their Fucking Egos”… Elaborate!?

Okay well I can only speak for myself but for me the statement ‘kill all men’ is a joke, obviously. It is a play on power dynamics. A lot of people think it’s funny to joke about rape and violence against women, they think it’s edgy because they don’t actually condone that behaviour. What they don’t realise is that jokes about rape normalize rape culture, and that women are still disproportionatly the victims of sexual violence, and these jokes continue this cycle. However, there is no chance of all women going out and literally killing all men, it doesn’t happen and it won’t happen. And it’s interesting how many of the people that think rape jokes are funny get offended by this statement.

These are often the same people who think that feminism equates to man hating so it’s a tongue in cheek statement, like look, you’re never going to listen to me or admit that you’re a misogynist so here is an inflamatory statement that proves you’re right about us feminists wanting to rip your dicks off and then I will sit back and let the MRAs have a field day.

I suppose it’s trolling but it’s also a coping mechanism. When you face as much misogny daily as myself and some of my friends do you can feel completely powerless. And sitting with your friends talking about how awful everything is, a mutal sigh of ‘kill all men’ can soften the blow a bit.

Another favourite saying of mine is ‘die cis scum’. So many bigots are so scared of transpeople and what it means for society if we accept nonbinary gender identities. I love the response, if you can get your Westboro baptist church signs our and be so hateful about something that will not effect you. then you know what? right back at you. Kill All Men, Die Cis Scum, it’s all just a big fuck you to the oppressors really.

Has this sparked any kind of reaction so far?

Yeah it has upset some MRAs but that was expected also it just helps to legitimize us more as an anarcho-feminist band so I can’t complain.

A lot of people have been confusedby the name so it’s opened up some really good dialogue about what statements like ‘kill all men’ mean, why they’re different to ‘kill all women’ and if it’s the right way to approach femninism. I obviously am fine with the statement but I can see the counte rarguments too and it’s good to have a platform to talk about these things.

What’s it like playing live?

I’ve only played one show as KAM and it was super fun! I like to make shows a big interactive party. I spent mostof the time running around stage in a swimming costume squirting whipped cream down my legs.

The two songs on your soundcloud have pretty self explanatory titles. What are the names of some others?

I haven’t recorded any other songs under KAM. We had to disband when I left Australia unfortunately but I recorded a song for a great project in Austin, Texas called Friends Sing Songs the other day. It remains nameless right now though. I’m workng on a song with some other musicians that will be a garage punk/hip hop cross over called ‘functional’ that i’m really excited about!

So what influences KAMATFE?

Oppression, sex, grrrl power

You’ve another project which shows photos of you eating food, what’s the story behind this?

A joke that went too far.

Two different projects, are these long thought up ideas or impulse ones?

The music is thought out, the tumblr blog if me eating is not.  I’m very slow ät song writing, I can’t just blast them out. It takes me a long time to write something I actually like. whereas I’ve never seen a photo of myself I don’t like so the blog is very easy to maintain.

Recommend a band/artist, film and/or TV show.

My friend who I did KAM with has a great project called Infraghosts which is def worth a listen. I’ve been listening to a lot of KT Spit and Shamir recently. The last film I watched was Dear White People.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked in an interview?

Um I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed before soooo this?!

What are you planning to do next?

I’m writing a zine right now about how different pieces of pop culture I consumed as a child/teen have influenced my identity. So far I’ve just written about how the Destiny’s Child Survivor video make me a 9 year old feminist haha. Hoping to bring it out this summer!

Check out KAMATFE at the following




Interview by Dan Wilson-Stone



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