Organising the chaos: 10 Questions with Rockbitch Promoter Jon Lovegrove

What makes you want to be a music promoter?

I just fell into this to be honest – I’ve kinda got the bug now. It’s addictive.. mainly the fun of finding new bands.

What’s your opinion on the live music in venues at the moment?

I’m biased – but the choice and quality is ace at the moment – so many ace bands of all genres about.

What’s your opinion on live music in festivals at the moment?

I don’t really festival anymore (not with a venue to look after) – Nothing really excites me on that side of it.

Top three gigs you’ve put on?

Listener at Sanctuary, Frank Turner at Silks, La Dispute (or Touche Amore) at Bang Bar.

Without using names tell us of a gig horror story?

Fuck.. erm.. only ever really had one or two. Just the usual cases of bands thinking they’re rockstars. When no-one really is on the level we work on.

Has being a music promoter effected the way you experience gigs you go to?

Not too much – I spend most gigs scouting/looking at the support acts to see if they’d work on my gigs. Though I’m a lot more picky over the sound quality now (even though i’m pretty much deaf)

Is there anything you’ve come to realise about being a music promoter you’d not initially thought of?

Only that there’s not pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Doing it to the level that we do (100+ shows a year) – there’s a lot of work. I’ve become a lot more organised… also I never really switch off.

Recommend a band/ TV show and or film

I’ll go a bit leftfield.. as i usually bore people with who I think are great bands. Or i’ll just cheat. Band one – Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort – Awesome French Screamo. Split up last year sadly – though a few of them are in a band called I never (with no internet presence) Band two – this is a bit random – but I really like them. nine wassies from bainne – one album that i know of. Batshit.. basically. Tv – Only ever watch Dog The Bounty Hunter. Film. Never ask me to recommend you a film. I don’t watch good ones. But.. Try Luther the Geek – serial killer with metal teeth that clucks like a chicken.

What’s the weirdest requirement a band has had without using names.

A cross-stitch penguin.

What are you planning to do next?

Even more shows. More festivals.. Set up a distro.. Maybe go back to record label and booking/management stuff. Do some band stuff myself. Settle down.. watch the littlest hobo… The usual shit.


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