Spotify Weekly Pics (Jan 18th – 24th)

Welcome to this new series where I’ll be discussing the songs recommended to me by Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist that I went on to save.


Nothing But Thieves – “Ban All The Music”

A big rock tune, vocals in the vein of Royal Blood however the guitars more stripped back and less overdriven but still providing a huge feel to the song. The pre chorus throws some interesting vocal/ guitar polyrhythms building into the chorus where everything resolves together in a nice anthemic explosion.

Run Away Brother – “Harvest”

– Starts off slow with a real intimate emotional fell but then proves to be so much more than that. When the rest of the band kicks in it almost completely switches sound into this huge sounding emotional, sing along head banger. The third part of thing song reminds me of some kind of love child of Modern Baseball and Tiny Moving Parts with the emotive angsty vocals paired with these passionate guitar riffs.

Babeo Baggins (feat. Babe Simpson and Babenstein) – “Team”

Like UK garage meets something you would expect from PC Music . The vocals at first reminded me of that “212” hit by Azelia Banks and the lyrical content turns out to be just as explicit. The middle section of this song throws in a saxophone section after the vocals call “Bring the horns in”. There’s a lot to this song which you really didn’t think would work together however there’s something about it which just makes it so right!

Kitty – “Second Life”

– This song reeks of guilty pleasure but really combines elements of electronic music in a real interesting way.  Trying to describe it really goes out of my field of knowledge it’s got a real 90s electro feel to it with drum and bass drums and a spacey electronic instrumentation you’d expect from futuristic PS1 games.

Cannibal OX, MF Doom – “Iron Rose”

– Kicks off with a mean sounding big Hip Hop backing track and when the verse kicks in it gives you everything you wanted. This tune has got everything you need to start your day feeling like a winner.

Vic Spencer, Sulaiman – “Carrot Juice”

I was pretty sold on the old school Kanye West esque backing track. Not really a carbon copy though it brings a different twang in the vocals and much more aggression leaving you not really drawing many comparisons by the end.

Baroness –  “Shock Me”

Opens with this heavenly synth sequence before dropping into this tight tough sounding riff sequence. The playing is tight throughout with real emotive vocals delivered by front man (). A hook made for singing back. Middle 8 section is where this song gets real interesting, the band really kicks it up to 11 with some awesome guitar riffs followed by a real passionate guitar squealing solo. Not without metal cliché but justified in the bands deliverance and overall pretty accessible even if you’re not a metal fan I wouldn’t write off this Baroness tune.

Cant Swim – “Your Clothes”

– Kicks things off with a funky off beat drum and bass groove then incomes these angsty unenthused vocals then suddenly boom! The vocals completely switch with this reverberated passionate shout out loud. The song plays a lot with loud/ quiet dynamics but damn! They deliver a solid tune and this will definitely be a band that I follow from here on.

High Tension – “Bully”

– Dark, evil sounding stuff with a sludgy bass line topped with a constant squeal of guitar feedback. Moody monotone vocals that go into some demonic black metal style screams. This song is not for the faint of heart but if your taste is one for dark and disturbing then add High Tension to your list.

Dels – “Fall Apart”

– Got this heavy sounding synth that track. Not really anything you wouldn’t expect from a UK hip hop sound but Dels delivers some good flows over this tune and despite it’s aggressive sound it provides some pretty easy listening.

BADBADNOTGOOD, Ghost Face Killa (feat. MF Doom) – “Ray Gun”

a real ominous opening going into this slick laid back backing track sounding like something you’d hear from a montage in an old school spy movie. This is paired with an aggressive verse from 1 followed up with a smooth deliverance from 2 ending on the track rounding everything up. And just when you think it’s over the band kicks back in with something you’d expect from the credit sequence of this short film Ghost Face and Doom have just made. Overall a very visual sound to this track.

Press to Meco  – “Means to an End”

– Some real good harmonies and interesting guitar sound, real infectious vocals which burn the lyrics of the hook into your mind with your first listen. Got a real 00s 3 piece sound to it but have really taken it to the present day with their sound. Ends on this real dark dissonant sounding breakdown which leaves you having to really double check what you’ve just listened to. Not one to skip after one verse and chorus.

Abra – “Love & Power”

– Got a really stripped back, computerised sounding backing track combine with this spooky soulful vocals in the verses paired with this big chanted sounding chorus of “Got the love, got the power”. Despite the song’s simplicity this has got a real motivational feel to it. The ending section has this nicely delivered section that sounds like it was cut up and pasted. It really blurs a line between organic and synthetic.




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