Spotify Discover Weekly Pics 25th-31st Jan

Toe – “Premonition (Beginning of a Desert of Human)”

I really like how close the acoustic guitar sounds to you in this track. This thing is a real awesome use of layers sounding like it could have been written with a loop pedal. A real visual piece of music, would definitely not be out of place in a movie track which panned over some grand landscapes. A great way to spend 2 minutes.

Lizzo – “Ain’t I”

This song is packed full of attitude with a real dirty beat in the backing track. Lizzo’s flow over this track really gets your head bobbing and she’s well aware of this telling you to “Bob your head crazy”. This song then breaks into a whole new part in the second half with a slightly out of tune piano over distorted drums with Lizzo showing her more soulful side. This then goes a little wild with a synth line before dropping back into it’s mean attitude from the start of the track. Quite a lot of depth expressed in just under 4 minutes.

EL VY – “I’m The Man To Be”

Sludgy bass line is the first thing I pick up in this tune. The vocals add this real smooth and chilled and out feel. I really enjoy the dry keyboard line that comes in to split the verses. By the time the last hooks comes in that melody will be following you around all day. If not for the bad language I’d say it’s an all round accessible funky rock tune.

Dan Deacon – “When I Was Done Dying”

Percussive droning with angsty folky spoken word vocals. This song is pretty minimalist but with every few lines adds something new to the mix. A real interesting use of layering in the musical style with pops, drones, drums, childlike backing vocals,  chants, oohs and ahhs. You could listen to this over and over and just keep finding new things in this track.

The Pop Group – “Mad Truth”

I love this funk heavy song with some real wacky vocals packed full of  personality. The hook as well on this song really gets you singing along. A real refreshing take on some funk revival music.

Bandit – “Pushing”

The production of this song makes everything work so well. Vocals packed full of woe over these big sounding drums and sweet guitar lines. Between the verses we get the instrumentation throwing in a heavy section to add more moodiness to the overall sound. Then a drop in volume for the middle section with some spooky reverb vocals to bring us into the last chorus and breakdown.

Between the Buried and Me – “The Coma Machine”

Grand and epic opening I’m finding too shy in rock and metal music. The verses bring in mean heavy guitar chugging paired with these light creepy piano chords with chanting vocals. Next thing your taken into a dark intimate piano with droning vocals that then carries into a sinister guitar section with roared harsh screaming. This song is full of ambition with some well pulled off transitions from start to finish Justifying it’s 7 minute plus song length. In fact you’ll barely realise the time has passed.

Sporting Life – “Aloha”

Got this cool lead line that flirts in and out of time with the beat. Overall chilled out, minimalistic hypnotic little instrumental track for your playlist for a quick 3 minute breather.

Camera Shy – “Your Only One”

Real nice reverb on the this dreamy sounding song. Really nicely written stripped down song which layers a bit of harmony here and there to just help with keeping some lines glued into your mind.

Pile – “Baby Boy”

This is a great confuser, because of the Pixies feel to it I’d say it’s some kind of grunge, throwing together some “in and around” tune vocals over some noisy sounding  dissonant guitars but somehow all of this creates an overall melodic sound. The guitars in this have got a real nice tone to them and the lines forever keep you on your toes. This song has got some real personality or multiple personality disorder to it with the addition of shouts and falsetto to really create an odd but entertaining mix.

You Blew It – “Match and Tinder”

You know what’s coming when you hear that first guitar chord being played. And this song doesn’t disappoint on that front. This song is moody and punchy with some nice lazy sounding lead guitar which I am a real sucker for! The hook delivers all the infectiousness and energy you want from this kind of pop punk, emo sound. Instead of a second verse we just get this pounding drum paired with intimate guitar picking topped with some harmonised “wa-oh”s which just really ices the cake of this short sweet tune.

Punch Brothers – “Familiarity”

Fast, tinny arpeggios to the face from the word go! This is a real interesting listen all the instruments and vocals seem to go at their own pace without sounding messy which I’m really not sure how they achieved it. Then breaks into this next section with stabbed echoing strings which feel far more spacey than the intimate sounding beginning of this song. As it go on the vocals start layering up and just throwing together a real intriguing listen. This song is an ambitious ten minute epic that fades in and out from intimate to grand with some real fines.

Action Bronson “Terry”

Great chilled out lounge sounding backing track paired with Bronson sounding like he’s freestyling over the top when I pay attention to the lyrics but his flow delivers just what this backing track asks for. This song is perfect for chilling. In the second half Bronson just lets the instrumentation speak for itself giving you this nice relaxing exhalation feeling.

Lushlife, CSLX, I Break Horses – “The Waking World”

This song has got some real passion coming from the huge sounding instrumentation you’d expect to find played alongside shots of lens flared landscapes at the conclusion of a deep film. On top of this we’re given a rap verse packed full of lyrics really fitting of a track like this which breaks to give this spacey sounding hook. The track ends on a quote ending with “If you feel like dying just know that you’ll be reborn” .. deep!

Battles – “FF Bada”

Battles are a band I’m slowly but surely getting acquainted with, being on my to do list to really get down and listen to for quite a while now. And this song is another reminder of why! It’s got these awesome polyrhythm sections throughout which a whole range of cool sounds coming from all instruments and played so tight it really blurs the lines of organic and synthetic. These guys are great proof a song does not require lyrics in order to be interesting.

Inner Oceans – “8 Cousins”

Spooky and glitchy instrumentation paired up with these spacey computerised vocals that introduce this fuzzy drop into the main section. This song moves along dragging its feet and sounds absolutely huge! Then when you think that’s all it has to offer it strips right down to drums and vocals giving you this great touch of intimacy before building back into another big crescendo and fizzling out into static. 6 minutes of yes!!

Boots, Deradoorian – “Aquaria”

This song is dark, smooth and soulful. It throws a lot of tight layers in the instrumentation which builds and builds up to the middle section where things get a little weird but in a real nice way. The vocal melodies are all simply infectious, all in all this makes for a real interesting and enjoyable piece of music leaving me real eager to hear this whole album.

Crying – “Vacation”

So it starts off with a 16 bit backing track which really put me off but against my better judgement I persisted. And to my pleasant Surprise I really enjoyed this song. When the vocals kick in the space for the lower end sound is filled and the juxtaposition of the instrumentals and vocals really complimented each other really well. Plus there’s a good old trashy guitar sound in the mid range which keeps an element of normality for the whole song. I’d say crying are this week’s so wrong but so right song!


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