Spotify Discover Weekly Picks 15th – 21st February

Chon – “Perfect Pillow”

A band on my to do list for quite some time. This song is a real good reason to get into Chon if you’re into instrumental music and have managed to avoid stumbling upon them so far. These guys have got technique and writing that really puts them a cut above the rest with  harmonised technical riffs and chord progressions that take you from happy, sad, exciting and even sometimes just damn right cocky that leave your head bobbing in this blissful and intrigued state.

Suicideyear – “Interest”

Another instrumental track using more synthetic over organic  instrumental sounds to build layers. The song is very minimalistic giving it a real hypnotic feel with the only thing that changes being the drum beat that helps split it into a almost verse/chorus sections.

Dorsal Fins “Mind Renovation”

Trashy guitars and a steady drum roll with some sci fi delay sounds. This song reminds me a lot of something you’d hear from a Beck song with the trashy sounding guitar switching to a more washy sound alongside these rhythmic, spoken  and harmonised vocals in the verse giving it a groovy, psychedelic feel. The vocal hook creates a real spacey feel with its high pitched and reverbed harmonies pitched that give a feel of being transported to a whole new place.

Monster Rally and Jay Stone “Permeate/ No Cilantro”

This opens up with a very ominous sound getting closer and closer until it arrives bringing this dark sounding twinkly sample. The vocals come in delivering this smooth and aggressive flow that then sit back and let the backing track play for a while with distorted speaking over the top. Then suddenly it switches up to what I do believe is the backing track for Robbie Williams’ “Millennium” accompanied again by a brilliantly delivered flow ending on “eyes, open” which mine certainly were by the end of this listening experience.

Marrow – “She Chose You”

Is it a happy song? Is it a sad one? This is a real simplistic piece of song writing really done with some great fines here. I love the way the guitar and piano sounds complement each other with the high and low sounds that drop in and out around the vocals. The use of harmonies really help highlight the main part of the lyrical content as well as just add prettiness to the song. There’s a really cool use of sounds in the last verse which really throw a spanner in what I thought originally was a predictable sounding song.

Into It. Over It. – “No EQ”

Strong use of a doorbell tune played in this very fuzzy overdriven tone. The drums are full of energy contrasted with the droning backing sounds and the spaced out but passionate vocal lines. It all comes together for the chorus bringing in loads of energy. The song sits somewhere between Lo-Fi and Pop punk but really justifies it’s of both elements.

Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – “Business Interrupts”

Lead with a simple bass lick this song instantly grabbed my curiosity. This song uses instruments and vocals to build layers and layers of rhythms with the vocals still retaining infectiousness that keep you humming the tune in your head. This song has loads of repayable value finding something you missed out in the previous listen each time.

The Wombats – “The English Summer”

Opening with scratchy twangy guitars the Wombats really bring me back to their early works with this tune. They bring their punky side in the hook switching between shouting and falcetto vocals and to mix things up it throws in this great epic sounding synth and vocal “ahh” section. After 2 and a half minutes the Wombats really leave you begging for more with this track.

Dryjacket – “Latchkey”

Real pleasant guitar tones introducing the track, I love the mixing of the vocals that have it soar over the instrumentals creating a real dreamy atmosphere. The song creates a real melancholy mood and mixes things up with some distant sounds of people speaking just before the second hook comes in. The drums on this track display some real awesome ability and creativity without doing anything overly wild.

Warhola – “Unravel”

The scene gets set with these intriguing synthetic noises that welcome in these spooky high pitched harmonised vocals. I love the spacey drawn out synths in the hook paired  with these emotive infectious vocal lines creating a real gloomy feel. The more I listen to it the more fitting the title of this song makes.

Brontide – “Bare My Bones”

from their album “Artery” one of my top albums of it’s year of release. This song is a piece of real instrumental beauty! Broken into two main parts. Part one, you’ve got these layers of harmonised guitar squashed against layers of polyrhythms that just build and build and build creating this huge wall of sound. Then boom! you hit part two which brings about this sinister techy guitar riff being played over and over teasing you towards the part where the drums go into half time and just turn this piece of music into an absolute head banger!

Kate Tempest – “Bad Place For A Good Time”

I like this backing track which teeters between dark and emotive. Tempest brings good story telling with a flow that eases you across the song, her voice like the track brings a sense of dark, emotive and frustrated feeling with the scene she paints in her lyrics. The hook is real simplistic bringing in this synth line that keeps the mood of the song going but just takes everything up and really makes you think about everything you’ve just heard.


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