All Ears Avow – ‘Reach (Side A)’ EP Review!

All Ears Avow present the follow up to their album “Get In The Game” with this 3 track first part to an EP which are packed full of energy and emotion with driving melodic guitar riffs and stunning vocal performances supported by tight drums and bass. This EP really illustrates them taking their song writing to the next level.

Their opening track gets right in your face with punchy stabbed guitar chords and hard hitting snare drums topped with a fast pace guitar melody. The verses make good use of harmonised vocals with a cool call and response section in the pre – choruses. The middle section takes a nice well needed change of pace giving you enough time to catch your breath and enjoy some nicely written guitar work complimented with soothing falsetto “oohs” before the song kicks it back into high gear for a final chorus.

The title track of this EP is packed full of feeling and emotive energy from start to finish. It opens with this huge sounding crashing drums topped off with a blissful, infectious guitar melody. This then drops into an intimate verse with sombre emotive vocals that sound like they’re being sang right in front of you over some soft guitar chords and digital drums. I love the lyrics in the build up “reach, you’ll never reach but you’ll scratch at it anyway” sang in spooky falsetto singing. The chorus then takes it back to 11 giving you more of what you got in the intro with the addition of a powerful vocal performance from singer Claire. The middle section of this song just cranks up the epic feel just that bit more with the lead guitars taking the front on melodies again with a dark, mean, hard hitting section that throws us back to the pre chorus and disappears into nowhere!

The final track starts with a drone that swells bigger and bigger taking us into another big sounding intro we’ve become familiar with in the last 2 songs but still keeping our attention for one last round. before the chorus kicks in for this song all the instrumental drops out  in order to pull our attention right back for the vocals to lead us into the hook. There’s some great piano and guitar work between the chorus and second verse showing this EP isn’t out of ways to express pure feeling.

This EP has shown real promise as song writers for the band and also an ability to show some real substance often lacking in rock music these days. Most importantly it does so in a way that just varied enough to keep everything interesting without coming across as anything obnoxious. A real bold move for the band and it’s paid off well. I look forward to part 2.

Reach is now available on iTunes and Spotify. You can catch All Ears Avow next at 2 Pigs, Cheltnam on the 3rd of March. a1485276753_10


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