Spotify discover weekly picks 22nd – 28th FEB

Vennart – “255” A huge sounding blissful song rich in synth and reverbed guitar.

Hotel Books – “Run Wild, Young Beauty” Emotive spoken word poetry over clean layered guitar rhythms.

Jeff Rosenstock – “Get Old Forever” A fun acoustic punk song accompanied with electronic drums that transitions into a huge, passionate emo/punk song accompanied with synth lead melodies.


Waxahatchee – “Air” Brilliantly delivered vocals over a stripped down minimalistic ambient backing instrumentals.

The Wytches – “Digsaw” heavy, trashy, dark! Is it indie? is it punk? Whatever it is it does it oh so well!

Pretty Vicious – “Are You Ready For Me” Fuzzy, bass driven, groovy punk tune full of energy and infectiousness.

The Story So Far – “Smile” Modern pop punk delivered with some real energy and personality seriously lacking amongst a lot of bands in the scene these days.

Waking Aida – “Exploding Palm” Get taken to another place with 7 minutes of a heavenly range of tones, sounds and rhythms.

SiKth – “Philistine Philosophies” Technical metal bringing the band’s unique twist from their well awaited return. Switching seamlessly between chaotic and melodic with tight performances all round.

Tommy Boys – “Friends in Theory” Clean guitar riff driven rock paired with mellow vocals. Like emo/ pop punk with mathy tenancies.

Girli – “ASBOys” Pretty alternative sounding electro/ hip hop tune, for more acquired taste but a real interesting listen.

While She Sleeps – “Brainwashed” WSS really turning things up to 11 with this track leaning more the hardcore side leaving the melodic side mostly to the hook. The breakdowns and riffs on this track have some real grit.

Windhand – “Two Urns” Fuzzy, sludgy, gritty rock music with spooky high vocals that float over the instrumentals.

Deftones – “Prayers/Triangles” Deftones giving you exactly what you want with a brand new song adding synths in the verses in place of the usual dirty guitars which make their way back for the hook of this song.

Babes – “I Want Love” Sounds like a song from the Motown era that’s been pulled to the present day and warped along the journey to give it a kooky modern twist.


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