Spotify discover weekly picks 29th FEB – 06th Mar

Moses Gun Collective – “Shalala” Hypnotic dream pop with some real pleasant guitar work and a hook that’s filled full of happiness.

The Bad Bad Hats – “Midway” Upbeat pop rock with a dancy beat and topped with smoky, moody and breathy vocals.


The Posterz – “All I Know” Starts off a little weak but when the aggressive glitchy backing track kicks in this mean hip hop tune makes up for it all with a hell of a solid flow bound to get you hyped.

Northlane – “Node” Epic sounding metal with a great mix of dirty downtuned guitar chugs topped with spacey, reverebed guitar licks that soar over the rhythm section.

Mutiny on the Bounty – “Dance Automation Dance” An instrumental number that really justifies it’s song title. There’s a really cool use of effects on the guitar layered over a tight dancy drum and bass section.  Kinda has a cinematic sci fi feel, you could imagine space battles or Tron esque racing to this tune.

Pinkshinyultrablast – “Holy Forest” dream pop with a dancy edge. it’s upbeat dancy rhythms come in and out getting washed over by this huge sounding, echoing, heavily reverebed melody topped off by these spooky cheerful vocal hook. What this song lacks in clarity it makes up for tenfold in real cheeriness.

Thank You Scientist – “My Famed Disappearing Act” Tight, speedy, guitar riffs topped off with a synthetic horn section. When the vocals kick in this song gets real melodic with a great emotive hook topped with some tasteful backing vocals and some sweet riffs to occupy the space in the vocals.

Jaala – “Hard Hold” Got a really old school jazzy sound with a great modern feel to it. The vocals really nail the aesthetic of this tune and have some real emotive feel to them and great dynamic range. When this song switches it up in the second half the groove is just so damn infectious.

The Physics House Band – “Teratology” Dark sounding instrumental tune with some sinister use of arpeggios. The drums are the real noticeable part of this piece, they get real creative over the minimalistic guitar and bass. The production on this thing has got a real natural and spacious feel to it making an all in all intriguing listen.

Tuka – “Nirvana” The monotone vocals really compliment the percussive backing track of this song and are surprisingly easy to listen to. The hook adds some really spacey texture to it and when the middle section group vocals come in you’re really transported to a real good place.


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