International Women’s Day: Women who be killin’ it list

Phox – With a “P-H”! This band’s debut album (self titled) had me playing it over and over. Singer Monica Martin’s voice displays some real technically impressive stuff alongside her angelic, addictive and soothing vocal tone. Fronting this Alternative, big band, Folk outfit Phox have made some real moving but still really accessible music and I couldn’t be gladder to hear they’re currently working on a second album.

Marmozets – The most exciting rock band of 2014 with the release of their debut album “The Weird and Wondeful”. Becca McIntyre’s voice shows some real diversity with harsh throat cutting screams, powerful, confident bellows and even at times soft and emotive. She also pairs this with the energetic live performance the band are notorious to deliver. Marmozets are a band really keeping high energy well and alive in today’s rock scene making them well deserving of their commercial success.

Feist – Canadian singer song writer and all round artist has given us a collection of some of my favourite songs over her discography. I love that when you hear her voice no matter the song you can recognise her instantly. With her ability to move you with her song writing alongside her intriguing and engaging videos and flawless live performances  (if you can find it watch her performance on  From The Basement) I dare you to listen to Feist and feel nothing!

– See also Broken Social Scene.

Amanda Palmer – Another singer, songwriter, artist and a great social media presence Amanda Palmer delivers music with a sense of rawness and such honesty it is truly unique.  I discovered her with the release of her album “Theatre is Evil”, an album which had humour, social consciousness, bluntness, melodrama and some real killer hooks!

– See also The Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn.

Alabama Shakes – This blues rock powerhouse is fronted by one of the best vocalists I’ve heard in a long old time! Vocalist Brittany Howard in their latest album “Sound and Colour” delivered a performance a lot of singers could only dream of one day achieving, especially that first high note of “Dont Wanna Fight No More”.

Rolo Tomassi – Fronted by Eva Spence, Rolo Tomassi have delivered 4 albums which are aurally exciting, challenging, moving, mind blowing and sometimes just downright scary! Eva Spence’s vocals tend to come in the form of vicious manic screams and reverbed, spacey ghostlike singing. Recognised by rock giants such as Biffy Clyro, Rolo Tomassi really stand as an important band of my youth.

Imogen Heap – An absolute visionary combining man and machine in the means of creating music (not to mention being sampled by Jason Derulo). Imogen Heap uses her angelic voice to create these layers of really interesting uncommon harmonies. She’s also invented several machines for the use of manipulating her voice one of which a whole suit that reacts to motion to alter her vocal melodies! Heap is another creator of fantastic music videos, my personal favourite being “The Listening Chair”

Lorde – I gave Lorde a listen after checking out that hilarious South Park episode and against my better judgement she really won me over. I don’t know if it’s the minimalistic, raw instrumentals paired with her vocal performances, I just feel you really get a really pure and whole experience of the artist which matches the title of her album “Pure Heroin” when I listen.

Babeo Baggins – A recent discovery of mine and one quarter of DIY collective Barf Troop. With her debut album “Posi+ive” Babeo Baggins gives us a 2 part album, one half rap where she delivers some solid flows alongside other Barf Troop members.and an interesting range of samples in the production. The second half of the album divided by track “Side B” takes a more melodic route with Baggins exchanging her rapping for singing over some sombre tracks and really holding her own as a singer.


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