Spotify discover weekly picks 07th – 13th Mar

Angel Haze – “Impossible” A dark, mean, monotone sounding rap flow backed with the occasional distorted backing shout over this heavy, pounding electronic sounding backing track.

The Internet – “Get Away” Got a real naughties Pop/ RnB feel to it with a smooth and bass heavy track. Theres a great piano chord progression creating some light relief in the hooks of this tune.

Two Inch Astronaut – “Foulbrood” Distortion heavy garage rock ish tune with the guitars creating some real interesting polyrhythms with the vocals.

Pretend – “Wrapped in Fantasy” A diverse range of rhythms and sections that really takes you on a journey for 7 odd minutes ushered along by the soothing simplistic lead vocals.

lisa – “Korttipeli” Granted I have no idea what the lyrics are but the vocal tone and melodies over this synth rich dancy track make for a great banger!

Eagles of Death Metal – “Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.) Fuzzy dancy rock music with a real theatrical, musical esque, call and response hook that really sprinkles sugar all over this tune.

L’Orange, Jeremiah Jae – “Underworld” A feel as dark as the title of the track with the backing track sampling some sleezy, jazz club type singing which repeats “let me die, let me cry” over boom-bap drums. The flows delivered on this track are pretty decent with the hook of this song “sometimes I feel like the world is going under” adding to the dark overall tones of the track.

The Prettiots – “Suicide Hotline” Rang out, tremolo guitar chords paired with some plucked acoustic topped off with some an apathetic tone but still soothing vocals.

HONNE – “Loves The Jobs You Hate” This thing kicks in with some warm synths and a funky bass line. The hook is sung with some real attitude backed by these great sombre harmonies.

Golden Rules, Freddie Gibbs – “Never Die(Paul White Remix)” This backing track is made up of some real nice percussive rythms with piano chords and spooky “oohs”. The flows delivered on this tune get your head bobbing towards the hook. I love how the song dissolves out into synths.

Son Lux – “You Dont Know Me” Heavy bass with some great glitchy noises. The tuned vocal samples used in the verse give this tune sounding dark and spooky underneath the weezy lead vocals.

Gettomasa, Kemmuru – “Missa oot  poika” I’m not sure how well lyrical based music will resonate with people who can’t understand the language they’re speaking in but the flows over this old school beat make for a good listen. The use of samples from the scratches to the wet, funky, wah guitar layer this track up pretty nicely also.


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