Spotify discover weekly picks 14th – 20th Mar

White Lung – “Hungry” Dual male and female vocals singing in octaves with some tinny punk guitar. The harmony in the pre chorus really gets you all ready for the which  has been given a perfect amount of reverb to just sent this tune soaring.

Ash Koosha – “I Feel That” Glitchy electronics paired with these light sombre sounding piano chords. This song is pretty minimalistic when the beat kicks in with the occasional “I feel that” but it’s got an interesting range of sounds throughout you’ll barely realise 4 minutes past by the end.

Best Coast – “Fine Without You” High distorted, punky song writing with some killer harmonies in the hook of this tune. Another example of Best Coast’s great song writing ability.

Junglepussy – “Dear Diary” Glorious horn samples with some booming boom-bap drums and a flow full of attitude.  Some down and dirty lyricism which I found myself blushing at in the second half of this song. When it gets to the spoken but however feel free to skip.

Semi Hendrix, Coast Contra – “Breakfast at Banksy’s” Opens with a flange effect sample of that old classic “Moon River” then kicks into this funky backing track whilst Semi Hendrix makes his introduction. The flow in this layers up pretty nicely with the stop start instrumentals with a great crescendo section to mix the verses up.

Marietta – “Pony Up!!” Great  use of guitar riffs and rhythms to open the track up. This track has got some great energy in the verses with everything blurring together, then out of nowhere we get a great crisp clear middle section where the band takes everything down to explode into the last chorus.

FKA Twigs – “Figure 8” I love this big booming backing track with the stadium reverb vocals. The middle section really takes you out of your comfort zone with waves of synths with this odd, alomost demonic sounding vocals which leads into everything sounding as if its unwinding until it finds it’s starting point once more.

Highly Suspect – “Mister Asylum” Real loud! The guitars overpowering the vocals and then bam! it all kicks in with this sweet groovy bluesy rock tune. The vocals in this track are packed full of sass and emotive energy which keeps this song far from being just another rock tune.

Giraffes? Giraffes! – “When The Catholic Girls Go Camping” Speedy guitar and bass tapping held together by some tight  and technical drums. Giraffes? Giraffes! really display some tight musicianship and creativity in this little number.

Kero Kero Bonito – “Picture This” opens up with some huge oriental sounding section going into some sugary sweet electro pop. I gotta admit this is a real guilty pleasure and not without parts that make me cringe but the track as a whole is executed so perfectly I can’t deny the enjoyableness of this song.

MF Doom, MF Grimm – “Doomsday” Great minimal, chilled out backing track with some old school scratches really taking you to that east coast scene. The verses in this tune bring a good range of witty references and storytelling adding to the setting of the scene feel this song brings.

GDP – “Orange Weather” I love the gypsy jazz esque hip hop beat being used in American hip-hop when I’m so used to hearing UK hip hop over these kind of tracks. This tune has an all round fun feel to it which gets me eagerly awaiting the summer.

Shirt – “Famous All My Life” This is an all round guilty pleasure hip hop tune. Though usually I’m a little less warm to hip hop of this kind of sound I cant deny the PMA chant in the hook doesn’t resonate with me greatly. The song all round does everything it needs to be a solid tune for turning your bad mood around and boost your ego. Also I’ve gotta give it to the putting the last hook on to the off beat, nicely done Shirt, nicely done indeed.

Beach Baby – “Limousine” A great dance punk style song. The bass line in this song is tight and addictive, the lead guitar tones are crisp and punchy with the rhythm soaked in chorus. When it all comes together in the hook you’ll find yourself wanting to play this over and over.


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