Spotify discover weekly picks 21st – 27th Mar

Villain Park – “Brain Cells” –  Addictive bass line with some wobbling chord samples. This is a pretty short and sweet rap tune with a pretty tight flow throughout and a Kendrick reference to top it all off. I’ll be checking out this EP from Villain Park.

Rozwell Kid – “Kangaroo Pocket” – A fun poppy, guitar driven punk rock instrumentation with vocals a little more mellow than I’d expect from a tune like this but it gives it a really grungy feel to the tune. The middle section of this song delivers some real sweet guitar riffs and heavy distorted chords.

Iglooghost – “Gold Coat” – Chopped up oriental sounding vocal samples over a backing track full of layers of artificial and organic sounding instrumentation. This song is a real hypnotic and intriguing 4 minutes with a few drops thrown in just to keep it’s minimalistic instrumentation fresh.

Freddie Gibbs, Black Thought  – “Extradite”- A great hip hop tune that’s overflowing with bars. I have a lot of time for the hook on this tune and the gravely vocal tones. The backing track to this tune has got some real interesting samples ranging from flutes, twinkly bell sounds and bizzare old school sci-fi / inside a spaceship or submarine sounds.

Daughter  – “No Care” – mellow guitar arpeggios paired with a pretty up beat dancy drum beat and some interesting sounding percussive rhythms. The vocals in this take the same front as the guitars and have some real raw and honest lyricism.

KCPK – “Who Wants It” – Atlanta hip hop that gets you pumped! I love the use of repeated vocal samples in the backing track and the hook in this tune that urges you to get your hands in the air.

The Garden – “All Smiles Over Here” – Chanting  the title goes throughout this tune with a didgeridoo esque drone and a steady drum beat. This song is some kind of dance punk, grungy tune with some real 80s edge but the production has a real modern crisp to it. I can imagine this to be a pretty polarising song but definitley an interesting tune.

DZ Deathrays – “Blood on My Leather” Big drums and fuzz guitar and some great shouted vocals that are full of attitude. The simplistic hook to this gives this song a real anthemic edge and is layered pretty nicely with some oohs and ahs.

Badbadnotgood – “Kaleidoscope” –  A hypnotic and dark sounding tune which shows some real fines in it’s instrumentation. Past the 2 minute mark it brings in a real upbeat section with all the instruments coming together to play the same tune. This is followed by a nice bass and drum section that builds into a real intense grove as the pianos add these heavy haunting chords that all comes to climax when the saxophone comes in. In the aftermath of all of this it’s as if it’s all washed away and we find ourselves back to the upbeat section once again. This is 7 minutes of well crafted music that really makes the most of the time.

Greys – “The Voyeur” – This is a real fun, short, sweet punk tune with smashing hammering drums, angsty vocals and  distorted guitar chords.

PUP – “DVP” – A great return song from the guys in PUP bringing more of the energy and attitude of their previous album. The breakdown of this song adds a real interesting twist for this song switching from the messy smashing sound for a few bars of tight stab chords.

Alarmist – “Pertichor” – A real interesting instrumental, trip hop sounding song that makes some good use of  overly distorted guitar. The drums in this tune also have some technical flair to them. Theres also a really awesome 16 bit sounding synth in this tune around the one minute mark. Considering this song is only just over 3 minutes it really packs in a huge range of material.


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