Spotify discover weekly picks 28th March – 3rd Apr

Defeater  – “Unanswered” – Brought in with these huge pounding drums, this track is full of raw emotion and infectious shouts that’ll get your head banging! The hard hitting takes a break from the middle of the track which give the guitars a chance to play some soothing chords with some heavenly clean tones.

Four Tet – “Parrallel Jalebi” – Glitchy minimalist electronic sounds with a real lo fi electronic percussion sound. This then gets layered in with spooky chant like vocals giving this sound a real hypnotic feel. When you approach the middle the layers continue to build with these heavily reverbed synth sounds that space the song out even more. Then in the last third of this track the weirdness really takes it to 11 melting away everything that once was the track before bringing you back to familiarity.

Their/They’re/There – “Travelers Insurance” This song really mixes genres. The drums are giving a standard rock beat, the guitars a riffing away and the vocals are giving an Into it. Over It. kinda feel. As the song goes on the drummer really gets his time to shine as all the instruments start to layer up the rhythms. The hook sees everything come together to give a real huge and anthemic feel. This is a real mix of great musicianship and interesting song writing.

Slotface – “Get My Own” – A fun fuzzy punk jam with some great lead vocals. The hook to this thing will having you playing this song over and over. I’ll be checking out more of Slotface’s work in the hopes of getting ten more punk bangers.

Blackalicious – “Ashes to Ashes” – The bass line to this thing is so damn finger snapping addictive and the flow takes you back in time with a real “Rappers Delight” kinda feel. I love the way the instrumentation builds up in the hook making a sweet crescendo over the vocals chanting “rhymes galore”. This song is pure infectious funk, the way the guitar take the track out just empties a bucket of icing on the sweet cake that is this song.

Algiers – “Black Eunuch” – I love the unsettling loop paired with the soul clapping and gospel chanting. This song takes you to church in another dimension where everything is just not quite what it should be but in such a good way! The layers of clean guitar chords paired with with the oohs and ahh almost make this song like some kind of old school prog rock tune. This is how you take a well known sound and really make it your own.

Creeper – “VCR” – A punk banger that makes you wanna argue with your parents, throw on your khaki shorts and skateboard out of your home town. There’s some real reminiscent sounds that take me right back to my youth and give it a sombre angle that makes me miss my teens.

Arcane Roots – “Sacred Shapes” –  riffs, riffs, sweet tones and more riffs. My hat goes off to Arcane Roots for being able to make sweet vocal rhythms and layer them with a different guitar one. The screams on this thing give you a quick glimpse of some demonic heaviness and then slap it back to back with some emotive melodic singing and then throw you into some huge emotive sections. Arcane Roots love to take you on a manic musical roller coaster with each track and this is another fine example of that. The amount of sound produced by three people in this band will never cease to amaze me.

Crooks – “A Few Peaceful Days” – Post hardcore with a real British feel brought to you with the vocals. One thing that really grabbed my attention was the use of falsetto to throw us into the first calm section of this song which  then follows up with this harmonic melodic section with some real interesting use of layering the vocals and instrumentation. This song takes you back and forth between chaotic and emotive.

RATKING – “So It Goes” – The beats in this tune are produced to a T and are this great mix of trippy and huge sounding. The flow takes a while to get me into it but when they go they make me so glad I kept listening. When it gets going the flow throws some real good varied rhythms and mixes it up with chanting part of the hook over a spoken sample.

Delta Sleep – “16:40am” – If you’re in need of a new, interesting and a little bit weird rock band then get some Delta Sleep in your life. This song has them throwing together these intricate guitar riffs and busy drum beats and have them blow up in your face with booming chords and smashes of the cymbals.

Girlfriends – “Brobocop” – It would appear discover this week is throwing me all the rhythmic and strange rock bands. These guys do some layered up and raw dance punk music  with  screamed vocals. I’ve never seen head bang and bouncy come together so well! My only criticism is this song is over way before I’m done with it!

Blanck Mass – “Dead Format” – Overwhelmingly booming, distorted, doomy electronics that throw you into the feel of some kind of post apocalyptic retro sci fi film! This is producing at it’s best the song has no lyrics (there’s some altered vocal samples but no actual vocal lines) but remains entertaining for the stretch of 6 minutes!


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