Since I Bin Gone.

So I’m back after a lengthy break and thought I’d start with an unplanned blog post. I’ve been wanting to make a grand entrance to my blog (of which I’m quite sure still has no followers but I’m so non savvy with this thing I don’t even know if people read this), but have only just got round to it. This is somewhat down to other commitments and some down to laziness and a bit out of hardheartedness.

I think if I’m honest a main reason I think I really expected too much too quickly from blogging. I thought I had a great idea reviewing tracks I found from using the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. It was a real good way to get stuck into writing and really just give me some perspective into what it is I just like about music. I never knew beforehand just how into electronic music I really was and now I’ve realised I appreciate it a whole load.

I have looked over and listened to some of the music I’ve recommended and it’s safe to say there’s a few tunes I’m definitely over but it’s given me a real interesting insight towards things like what’s left after lack of context? what is it that triggers a positive reaction in what I listen to? what triggers others? and much much more mind boggling stuff.

But essentially what happened was nothing really picked up from it more than just a couple shares and likes on Twitter. I think it’s taken me some time to get over how much what I thought was a good idea fell flat. As a struggling/failing artsy fartsy type I have long pondered over how to wield the internet and social media to my advantage and it’s still a nut I’m yet to crack.

I think If I’m honest what I wanted from this blog was to connect with people over my interests and use it to plug my band and whatever artistic venture I was doing. What I’ve noticed with these blog things is you really cant be self conscious or half arsed about it. In a sense this should make sense as basically you can apply this to everything in life.

I think I am digressing I’m not entirely sure anymore, the aim is to get this up going again. I think I’m gonna keep the “Since I’ve bin gone” feature and just chat about shit I’ve been checking out recently, some short and sweet and some stuff I feel like going into detail with.

So I’ll start with sharing a blog post I saw today from a friend which I kinda felt made me feel I should do something on here before going to sleep today. You can give it a read here

I’d also like to plug my pal Thomas Brooker for his sweet head shot which is the cover photo of this post. He’s recently done a shoot for my band Kilkovec as we’re eventually gonna start campaigning our next EP. But enough about me check his stuff out here. Check out his band Yearbook also, I cannot recommend them enough. New album coming soon. I’m real excited.

New stuff coming soon. I hope/promise.


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