Rottenluck 2016

As the day draws near the title seems more and more relevant.

Rottenluck was originally came to be last year when my band Kilkovec booked a tour in December and our drummer  Tom broke his leg in an accident at work which put him out of action for 12 weeks. We were able to salvage 3 dates with our pal Kurt Phillips one of which was cancelled as the headline band’s vocalist had a throat infection and it was their hometown show, the band inevitably pulled out the last day of the tour. Our hometown show, filled in by our old drummer also happened to clash with all our friend’s work Christmas parties. And there it was that the tour was dubbed the Rottenlucktour2015.

This year we planned to go to Europe with our pals in Elasea however one thing lead to another and the tour never came to fruition. To our luck we were supporting a fairly well known band in a brand new venue that had opened in our hometown  and we thought we’d utilise this in order to throw together some compensation gigs. As you’ll know by following the previous link the support gig never happened.

Nevertheless we’ve managed to pull together a quick weekender with help from our good pals in RockBitch Music. Come catch us at SalisburyWorcester, and Swansea. Our gig in Worcester will also be in aid of #HUGO’S EARTHQUAKE with a stall and all merch proceeds going straight into donations for the night.

To ice the cake, on Monday I was  demoted at my job. It’s been a wild emotional roller coaster but the initial dread has now set aside for relief due to the lack of stress I’ve felt. Sometimes loosing something can prove how little you wanted it in the first place. This weekend shall be a cathartic one indeed.




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