Weekender Away and All That Comes With It

Above is the post gig picture of my band Kilkovec with our newly gained friends in Elasea after playing our third and final gig on our weekender I previously mentioned. It was a great end to a series of  not so great events leading up to it (of which to add Elasea’s bassist Liv aquired a chest infection and Kilkovec’s bassist Matt was suffering bone related pain in his foot).

Aside from the obvious I looked at some other things I really appreciated from hitting the road for a short few days and playing gigs up and down the country.


Wierdos – For lack of a better word one thing I love a lot is that you’ll always find the odd guy or girl at the gig who’s merely there for love of music or lack of better things to do or just habitually. These people always seem to also be equipped with an inability to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with talking to you and wants to ask you your life story as well as tell you theirs.  These people may sound a nightmare but I must say they’re mostly good for 2 reasons:

Firstly they are always good for an ego boost (and an excuse to not help pack up) and secondly they help you realise that it’s not just where you’re from that have these kind of people that you’re oh so used to from playing your local venue.


Views – I mean, the above image isn’t really much to go by here but, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege  to do some travelling this year in Hong Kong and some European countries and I’ll admit, I’ve come from these places thinking whats so much better there but I really feel going up and down the UK over the weekend really helps you realise what’s so great about living here. I’ve still got a lot of world to see but there’s a lot to be said of the hills and valleys I saw on my way to and from the venues.

Funny enough it’s areas that receive a lot of stick i.e. the midlands and Wales that are the main culprits of this, also it blew my mind driving over the Cotswold area that you get so high above sea level your ears pop! I’m in no way saying we’ve all you need in the UK but sometimes you gotta remind yourself of how nice it can be. It also really amazes me how diverse the UK can be in each different town you visit, I don’t think I’ll ever get over going to a takeaway in Worcester at the end of a night out to then be ushered into a bar at the back of the takeaway shop where I then ate a massive pizza drinking more beer with everyone.

Experiencing art through others – I think a great thing about playing a set of gigs with another band really opens your eyes to how there are so many ways to approach music. It’s also really great how you can sometimes play with another band that inspire you to make yourself better at what you do. I don’t mean in a competitive sense or even in a sense of learning to emulate what you’ve witnessed but suddenly you can just remember what it is you do it for after watching people just enjoy themselves doing what they love.

Another great thing is going to venues and finding stickers and posters from people and bands you know. I think once you’ve played a few places some big name has played you make the realisation and soon get over the fact that most people started where you did/are now but I think it’s cool to know you’ve played on the same stage as your peers at different times. I remember going for some drinks into some very bizarre bar in Islington where they hung bras from the ceiling and finding an Atiptoe sticker on a mirror but I’m not sure if I was thinking it was cool or just very very random…

All in all it’s safe to say I had a better weekend to the ones I’m used to and time away no matter how short can make you more thankful for the home comforts we all have and if you’re an animal person like myself you realise just how much you can miss them after a few days! With the weekend over it’s time to move on to the next venture which I’ll have more news on soon.




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